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Q. What is included in the price of a tour?
Your tour will include: lodging; all meals of your choice from a full menu; tolls if necessary; extra attractions if available depending on tour; all gratuities, tee shirt, safety glasses, transportation to and from dinner and our guide and chase vehicle with trailer.
Dinners on Arrival day and Return day are not included.

Q. Do you rent motorcycles?
No, but we do have dealers in our area that rent motorcycles.
Call us for more info.

Q. How can I get my motorcycle there?
You can ride, trailer or bring your bike in a pickup truck. Parking arrangements will be available for your vehicle.

Q. How can I get my luggage there?
Bring it with you if you can, or ship it UPS to us, and we will ship it back to you by UPS at an additional charge. Your luggage will be transported from stop to stop by our chase vehicle and trailer.

Q. What should I bring for the tour?
Leather riding gear including chaps, rain gear and rain boots. Casual clothes and swim suits (many of the lodging have pools and spas) and last but not least, bring a camera.

Q. How much money will I need to bring?
You will need money for such things as gas, snacks and any other incidentals. Alcoholic beverages (at the end of the tour day) are not included in the trip price. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited during the course of the day’s ride.

Q. How much riding experience is necessary?
We recommend one or two years experience. Some of the mountain road can be challenging, but we will be touring, not racing. We will be traveling at safe speeds at all times. Average distances on our five-day tours will be about 200 - 250 miles per day.

Q. What will the roads be like?
Most roads will be back country and mountain; some will be two lanes and some four lanes. Not very often, but when necessary, limited access Interstate roads will be used. All roads are paved.

Q. What kind of weather can I expect?
Spring and fall can be rather cool in the mountains, and frost is not out of the question on some early mornings. The mountains are warm and pleasant in the summer with cool evenings and mornings. Schedules for travel will be rain or shine. If necessary, tour schedules will be changed to suit conditions. Dress accordingly; you can always take off extra clothing.



Q. What if my co-rider tires of riding on my motorcycle?
Our chase vehicle will follow the group at all times. Arrangements can be made to ride with the driver of the chase vehicle. If more than one co-rider tires, they can alternate breaks in the chase vehicle.

Q. What happens if a motorcycle has mechanical problems?
A. Our lead motorcycle and chase vehicle are in constant contact by either two-way radio or cellular phone. A motorcycle needing repair will be loaded in the trailer and taken to the nearest area dealer or shop. The rest of the group will continue on the tour. The cost of the repairs will be your responsibility.

Q. What kind of lodging and dining can I expect?
We always try to use the best lodging the area has to offer. All meals are from full menus. All included meals will be group meals. Alcoholic beverages (at the end of the tour day) are not included in the trip price. Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited during the course of the day’s ride.

Q. What is a typical tour itinerary?
You will check in Sunday late afternoon at the Courtyard by Marriott in Plymouth Meeting, PA Sunday evening we will have a introduction gathering in the lounge at the Courtyard. We will meet in the mornings for breakfast at 7:00am and depart at 8:00am which will leave us time for stops and an early arrival at our next night’s lodging. At this point, there may be time for a little exploring on your own before the evening meal. The evening meals will be about 8:00pm to give you time to freshen up after the day’s ride. This will be typical for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday there will be breakfast and lunch for an early return to the departure point and the end of the tour.

Q. What about custom tours?
We can arrange custom tours for eight (8) bikes or more. Call us, and we can discuss arrangements with you.

Q. How many motorcycles will be on a tour?
No less than eight (8) and no more than twelve (12).

Q. Why should I tour with HD BIKR Motorcycle Tours?
It is like our slogan says...
We’ve handled all the details—so you can just relax and enjoy the open road.